Amman highlights Private Full-Day tour Solo Small Group


Amman highlights Private Full-Day tour Solo Small Group

Wanna go on a ride where you can see blown minded sites with your own private tour guide! This is definitely your place, After your breakfast, you will find your tour guide waiting in the lobby, as he will be taking you on a great historic mixed with natural beauty adventure! In a private A/C car, you will be heading to the first site ~ Amman Citadel **On a mountain, there is a famous citadel where it is considered an important site because it has had a long history of occupation by many great civilizations. **Most of the buildings still visible at the site are from the Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad periods and the palace draws on the Byzantine style. Nextly, Temple of Hercules ~ Where its considered the greatest building of Romans which got a statue of Hercules and Its an ancient ruin and a historical site, you will get amazed by the ruins of this temple and more like its stories. Heading to Peoples Cave or Seven Sleepers Cave ~ **It was told that this amazing place got a few believe each one is indifferent religion, which creates amazing coincidence. **The people slept in there for more than 300 years, as your tour guide will tell each belief of this place. Then you will be heading to Roman Theater ~ **A place perfect for unique photos you can take, also your tour guide will tell your few stories and misfits about this place **There is a small marking between the stage and the seats, and if you stand on this spot and speak, your voice projects to the entire stadium. And you can check two small museums are built into the foundations of the Roman theater. Last but not least to The boulevard ~ Strategically situated at the heart of Abdali, the new downtown of Amman Contains of 12 buildings that offer unique premium retail outlets, high street cafes and restaurants, avant-garde office spaces and exclusive rooftop lounges. The rainbow street ~ Its lined with cafes, handicrafts and art shops, old mansions often converted into restaurants or other things. It makes for a pleasant stroll with many inviting places to stop in. Do not miss the side streets, which also are interesting. After a great tour of visiting adventurous sites with detailed enjoyable stories, you will get dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

9 AM for 8 Hours hours

Tour price $ 133

Pricing based on group of 4

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  • Private guide
  • Round-trip
  • Transportation in A/C Car
  • Admission tickets.


  • Personal expenses
  • food and beverages


  • Amman’s Citadel
  • Temple of Hercules
  • Seven Sleepers Cave
  • Roman Theater


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