Private guided tour to Aswan from Luxor; Solo ;Groups


Private guided tour to Aswan from Luxor; Solo ;Groups

Visiting Aswan is once in life experience that you will never forget! At your hotel/hostel, you will find your tour guide waiting, as you will be heading on a 3 hours ride in comfortable A/C car, chitchatting with Yola, as you can ask her to inform you with the program and each place you will visit, plus she will tell you lots of stories and misfits of each place. **Aswan is a busy market and tourist center. The ancient name of the city also is said to be derived from the Egyptian symbol for trade You will take a small ride in the middle of the Nile with such beautiful scenes,, heading to The temple of Isis from Philae # **The oldest temple to have undoubtedly stood on the island, as well as the first evidence of Isis-worship there, was a small kiosk built by *Psamtik II,* This was followed by contributions from *Amasis II and Nectanebo I* ** Philae also received additions from of the Nubian king Arqamani, who contributed to the Temple of Arensnuphis and the mammisi, and his successor Adikhalamani **Several *Roman emperors* made artistic and architectural contributions to Philae. You will know more and more of this place while witnessing by your own eyes,, Your next stop would be,, # The High Dam # Visiting The High Dam will make your day! You will be catching up with one of the Egyptian wonders that saved Egypt the trouble of the floods, you’ll be learning about its construction phases and its history. As you will be heading to your last stop.# The unfinished obelisk # The largest unfinished obelisk in the world was ordered byHatshepsut as she was successful in warfare early in her reign. An honor to her, god as every pharaoh wanted to show and give, but this woman wanted to prove her strongability and get blessed by saints at her time, You would be standing up their living with pharaohs watching them carving it out of a bedrock!. On this adventure, you will find out a lot of secrets about their genius stone-working techniques. -After having a hot meal in an Egyptian restaurant, you will be heading back to Luxor, dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

8:00 AM for 10h hours

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