Phi Phi + Bamboo by Express Boat


Phi Phi + Bamboo by Express Boat

Bamboo Island and Phi Phi islands with natural beauty and famous. A long seen by you will find beautiful. Bamboo Island beach Beautiful view of the Maya Pileh Loh Samah Bay, Viking Cave, you can enjoy snorkeling and diving. Take a ferry (Express Boat) with a seating capacity of up to 180 wind tasting, beautiful nature view of Phi Phi Island Bamboo Maya Bay, Viking Cave with buffet lunch on board. During your holiday in Phuket there is at least one must do day trip and that’s a visit to Phi Phi Island. No experience or breathing equipment is required and it is safe for all ages, a great fun part of your special day with us. Relax on board in one of the air conditioned lounges or on deck. VIP passengers will also visit our unique Undersea Aquarium, a great chance for non swimmers to get up close with the local marine life. Lunch is served in The Phi Phi Hotel just a short walk from the Pier at Ton Sai Bay. Please note that Phi Phi Island Authority make a small charge to every visitor to the Island at present 20 Baht. This is paid on the Island and is not included in your ticket price. REMARKS: The itinerary and timing above are approximate and may be modified without notice to fit the tide and local weather conditions. (Please Note: This tour is not advised for pregnant women or children under 1 year old.)

7.15 AM for 8 hours

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