Private Guided Puncak Day Tour


Private Guided Puncak Day Tour

Escape the busy city areas and take a deep dive into nature in Puncak. Puncak is known for its fresh air and mountain scenery. In the morning, you will find your tour guide waiting to take you on a special 3 hours ride in a private modern car. On the road, make sure to enjoy the unforgettable sight of the magnificent mountains on both sides of the road and don’t miss taking lots of pictures! Arriving at The Seven-Waterfalls, your tour guide will take you on a special guided tour. You will witness such amazing waterfalls, each one got a very interesting story and some of them actually got the ability of medical treatment. Your next stop would be Telaga Warna or The colorful Lake. Hidden among a group of hills and dense tea plantation, it is an actual hidden gem in Puncak. The lake is called by this name as the lake usually changes color; sometimes it appears green, yellow, purple, or even if it takes on the colors of the rainbow. The change in color can be explained by two theories; first, it is simply because of the algae that grow inside the lake. Secondly, it is due to the reflection of the rays of sunlight that comes through the trees surrounding the lake. Some explain the phenomenon according to the legend of a folklore princess and her drowned jewelry. Next to Taman Wisata Matahari Park, the park is a place where you will not know the meaning of boredom, as you can do lots of activities there. Enter the circus of up to 500 people and enjoy the beautiful artistic performances of animals such as elephants and monkeys. You can also sit outdoors under the tall trees and enjoy the fresh cool air at the top, see the city from the top of the mountain, and eat different and traditional foods sold in the garden. For water and rowing lovers, you can play fun and interesting water games, ride rubber boats and dragon boats and take a beautiful tour. Enter the big rubber ball and roll in the waterways and small waterfalls. Heading to Agro Gunung Mas the unique Tea Plantation site, a place where you will witness the real beauty of the green lands filled with tea plantation, fresh air and the smell of tea. You can take a walk to enjoy the view and breathe some fresh air, not forgetting to take special pictures. Your tour guide will recommend to you many activities and will explain to you lots of interesting facts. Then heading to Taman Safari Indonesia, a place filled with surprises where people from different ages enjoy the most. Taman Safari is a world-class zoo and titled the best conservation site by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry where you will get to see a lot of tropical animals. After this amazing tour, you will get dropped off back at your hotel/hostel.

8 AM for 11 hours

Tour price $ 56

Pricing based on group of 4

Viewed: 30


  • Private professional guide
  • Hotel Pick up & Drop off
  • Private A/C Car


  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance fees
  • Food and beverages


  • The Seven Waterfalls
  • Taman Wisata Matahari Park
  • The Tea Plantation Site
  • Taman Safari Indonesia


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