Penang - Special private guided-day tour; Solo; Family; Couple


Penang - Special private guided-day tour; Solo; Family; Couple

Get ready for an exciting day trip to one of the most famous cities in Malaysia!! we start our journey by visiting a place known by the Malay name *Bukit Bendera*, which actually refers to *Flagstaff Hill*, we will visit the place where nature and culture meet, which is also ranked as one of the top tourist highlights of the country for Best Garden in Malaysia!., we will visit the fruit farm to see the largest collection of fruits. also, will visit a perfect place for energetic people you will have a lot of fun there!. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to learn about all kinds of coffee and some of the chocolate and delicious desserts. your tour guide will take you in a private A/C car and heading to First Stop: (Penang Hill) the most developed peak With great weather, witnessing the great art of nature and a nice view of Penang island You will have a walk around at the top and go on the nature walk track, an invigorating walk indeed! and get some great shots of the scenery along the way, as it would be so refreshing to walk amongst the rain forest and nature You will be heading to (The Tropical Spice Garden) is a place where you can enjoy the wonders of nature at your leisure and in the shade! It has many different pathways you can follow that vary in length and content depending on what you want to see. You can get the short spice route that took us to the terraced embankments. Along the way, you will see many varieties of spices You will be welcomed by the shade provided by the tall trees and the breeze created by the various ponds around the garden. Your next stop would be Penang (Tropical Fruit Farm) Whereover 200 species of edible fruits identified and Apart from viewing the fruits, you will be able to enjoy the varieties of fruits -You will see some unusual fruits and some interesting information about fruit, picked from their own orchards, you can go for a drink, freshly squeezed fruits, walk around and look at the cocoanut, sit under the nutmeg tree and watch the durian hanging from another tree also look out over the sea and listen to the silence. Now for the real fun at (Magic World Penang) Where you will get blown-minded in there, I will not ruin the real fun of it, you will see by yourself! Coffee counting is an essential feature of any morning. You will be visiting the (Coffee and Chocolate factory) The coffee plant is a fun and tasty opportunity to learn about all kinds of coffee and some of the chocolate and delicious desserts that the factory produces. You will be able to taste WHITE COFFEE WITH GINGER! a very untraditional coffee cup!. Also, you will have a very little unique trip to relax and rest after this adventure, where you will sail in the middle of the sea. At the end of the day, you will get dropped off at your hotel/hostel safely.

10:00 AM for 7h hours

Tour price $ 68

Pricing based on group of 4

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  • Private tour guide
  • pick up and drop off
  • Private A/C Car


  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance fees


  • Penang Hill
  • The tropical spice garden
  • Tropical fruit farm
  • Magic world penang


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