Overnight Trip to Mount Moses, Adventurous Unique Tour


Overnight Trip to Mount Moses, Adventurous Unique Tour

Don’t miss the chance to watch the mesmerizing sunrise from the top of the 7,000-foot high Mount Moses! On this overnight trip, you will get the chance to see some spectacular sites in Sinai. You get picked up from your hotel/hostel by your tour guide to head to Mount Moses. The mountain is said to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. The summit serves as a sacred meeting point for Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Arriving at the mountain, you’ll start your journey to the top in an amazing tranquil hike under the stars. When you make it to the top, it would be time to watch the breathtaking sunrise worth the effort to climb up there. If you do not want to climb you can take the camel to trail that (Optional). After the sunrise, you will descend the mountain and touch the base at St Catherine Monastery. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, both for its cultural and for its scenic significance. The monastery is the oldest continuously inhabited Christian monastery, with a history that can be traced back over seventeen centuries which you will get to visit now! After this remarkable trip, you will get dropped off at your hotel/hostel.

8 PM for 12 hours

Tour price $ 168

Pricing based on group of 4

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  • Round trip Transportation
  • professional tour guide


  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance fees
  • Food and beverages


  • Mount Moses
  • Saint Catherine Monastery


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